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More than hundreds of satisfied customers and ten years of experience retaining dental practice customers should speak for themselves. Although specialized in medical tourism industry we do not lack the experience in other spheres of business too.

Subjects of the website

To improve your business, make sure customer is happy you can always choose us and our ways of retaining the customer.


 The first way we can help you do it is with active communication with your customers, make sure that an issue is solved and it doesn’t turn a customer into ex-customer.


 You can also benefit a lot from paying us a visit and applying for our seminar on communication with customers. Words you choose and tone with which you deliver them can make a big difference in what a customer hears


Another way we can help you retain your customer is with great ideas for “Loyalty Reward”. Every now and then you can surprise your loyal customer with a discount coupon or a free treatment, use that gift as a reminder of your company.


We can help you advertise yourself on social networks, make people hear from you, keep your regular and loyal customers updated on your newest technologies, achievements or benefits they can have if they stay with your company!




“Retaining customers is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. Not able to tell you how happy we are with retaining customers. Not only that old customers return, but they bring new ones, friends, and family. Without you, our business would be closed long time ago” 

             William B. Denning  



“After using your services our business skyrocketed! We at “Goodplex” are very grateful to you for showing us how to handle out clients, how to reach them and how to actually make them love us, think of us all the time! Not only that, but you made our team work as one big happy family.”

Amy J. Super




“Your customer retaining program made our life much easier and our business blossoms! At first, it sounded unreal but I was desperate and had to give it a try! I didn’t regret it, not for one moment. Definitely, an investment that paid off very quickly, after just a year our profits were doubled!”

Marguerite Lebel