Medical Customer Retention

The first “pillar” of customer retention is building customer loyalty. The Second pillar is maintaining strong, firm, quality relationships with customers and third. Maybe even most important pillar is the way you respond to customer’s defections and complaints.


These pillars are what health care providers need to build to maintain the healthy business. Loyalty will be built through appropriate care. Healthy relationships will grow through positive communication and interactions with staff and a provider.

Our customers loyalty to a service provider can be divided into two crucial elements, behavioral responses, and emotional attachment. These elements are impacted by the quality of communication and relationship between nurses, doctors, other medical personnel, and patient.

Emotional attachment in medical care is usually built when a nurse. A doctor or a service provider maintains the quality of health care during the relationship with the customer. It is not unusual to hear in the sphere of health care that a patient “loves” a nurse or a doctor.

Smiling medical professionals with mother and daughter

That they have grown fond of them. The quality of actual medical care and quality of staff and medical professional are the reason for that kind of emotional affection.

Quality health care basically means that the patient’s condition has been identified and that effective method has been prescribed. And all the actions have been taken to resolve patient’s medical issue. Emotional affection is built when a patient realize that provider of the service solved the problem.

Loyalty and emotional affection are gone when failures occur, service quality decreases and fails to improve. That’s when the patient becomes frustrated.

In this field of marketing, the third pillar of customer retention is customer recovery and it usually occurs when staff responds to customer’s complaint or service failure.


When a patient is having a bad experience. the staff should be ready to do whatever necessary to resolve the issue. When a patient (customer) leaves due to a bad experience. Odelinda be persuaded to give the medical center or organization another chance.

Following these simple, basic methods of customer retention are a good way of building a healthy, sustainable business that will last and grow with time.