Customer Retention In The Medical Tourism Industry

Satisfaction of customers in tourism in general and in medical tourism too is the key to retain old and attract new customers.

Medical tourism as a branch of tourism is experiencing the expansion. The reason behind it is low prices of some countries that offer that type of medical services.

Medical Doctor holding a world globe in his hands as medical network

Health or medical tourism presents the travel to a destination out of your town or country with the goal of getting the medical care. Surgical or dental intervention. The base of the health tourism is natural remedial, healthful and sanatory factors of touristic destination. Patients or customers with health issues. Travel to those destinations in order to receive the therapy or treatment that will improve their health situation.

Customers are in search of better health, reducing the body weight, reducing the aging effect, reducing pain,

discomfort, and stress relief.

What is important to retain customers in medical tourism?

First and maybe the most important one, perceived quality, then satisfaction and inevitable trust in the clinic and its staff. They all combined have an enormous effect in customers decision to revisit the clinic or destination country.



Actually, keeping existing patients or customers is way better and even five times more profitable than bringing in, attracting new customers.

Recognizing the importance of service quality, customer satisfaction and trust in service carrier. And improving them is the key to success.

Another factor that may affect customers or patients decision when choosing between medical clinics or destinations is the price.

Whether the price of treatment or the destination, if it’s high in comparison. To other destination, it is likely possible to repulse the customer and divert him to a cheaper clinic or destination.

Marketers in those destinations and clinics should realize the importance of customer’s satisfaction and the role of price reasonableness. When prices and service provided have been utilized, that is when the customer retention will occur and revenue will be maximized.

That opens a significant number of possibilities to improve business. Develop new strategies and let the company grow, making it more stable and competitive in rapidly growing medical and health care tourism industry.